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The impact of social media keeps on rising with transforming web development. It’s high time to plan for upcoming years and stay one step ahead. The reach of social media is growing at an unmatched pace and therefore its equally important for bloggers to reach out to their followers. Incorporating social sharing buttons comes with an opportunity to share blogs on wide-ranging social media networks. By doing so, you will find a significant increase in traffic and ultimately search engine ranking. To get you started, the blog covers some of the best social media plugins worth consideration.

Social Snap

This social media plugin is extensively used at Blogging Wizard. The plugin features a nicely-designed interface, user-friendly share buttons, and a never-ending list of advanced features. Social Snap comes with 30 + social networks in multiple spots. In addition to traditional positioning options such as inline buttons and floating sidebar, you can get exclusive options – the shared hub and sticky bar. Further, you can opt among diverse button colors, shapes, and sizes. Edit your social media metadata to determine how the overall content will appear when shared. Besides, there is an in-built migration tool and fundamental sharing functionality.


  • Immediately add boxes to content to drive more traffic
  • Automatically share posts to social media networks
  • Re-shares existing content
  • Freedom of choosing between desktop and mobile display
  • Click-To-Tweet Boxes
  • Easy to install and setup


  • You may find the features on free version quite limited
  • Add-ons are not available in Plus Plan
  • Available for only hosted WordPress sites


If you are looking forward to the best paid WordPress Social Media plugin, you cannot go wrong with Monarch. The plugin allows you to integrate social media sharing buttons aiming at encouraging sharing. The plugin allows you to add a sharing button with multiple placements including flight. Fly-ins are typically used for incorporating email subscriptions. If you have a better idea regarding the significance of social media, you will probably want to consider this feature. Moreover, you can add share buttons on mobile sites as well – the placement is incredible. To download this social media plugin, you are required to purchase a license for Elegant Themes including access to premium themes and plugins.


  • The plugin offers top-of-the-line social share buttons
  • Multiple display options are available
  • User-friendly interface, easy and quick configuration
  • More than 20 social sharing options and above 40 social follow options
  • Functions with the block editor in WordPress
  • Statistics on content progress


  • The share counts may not always accurately compare to other social media plugins
  • Floating sidebar location is limited to only left-side
  • Require more display options

Kiwi Social Sharing

An advanced yet user-friendly social sharing plugin to attract users. The plugin comes with both free and paid versions to be used on your WordPress site. Kiwi supports renowned social networking sites to boost traffic. It incredibly stands out when loading speed of the website. Regardless of where you position these social media buttons, it will attract users in no time. Apart from positioning buttons above and below the content, you can set the floating icons as well. The plugin further offers tweet feature so users can instantly click and share your post on Twitter. For ease of usability, the plugin offers a quick drag-and-drop setup option for easy adjustments. In terms of customization, you will get four different button designs to choose from unlimited styles and colors.


  • Since the social media plugin uses 2 HTTP requests, the website won’t slow down
  • Google Analytics integration to view pages and networks producing maximum clicks
  • Simple backend interface and easy configuration
  • Modern button styles and multiple placement options
  • The plugin loads fast with sufficient share counts


  • No social sharing buttons on images
  • No widgets, though they might come soon

Social Warfare

Another popular WordPress social media plugin that comes with a free and premium version. The free version primarily works for common social share buttons while the advanced features are found in the premium version. The plugin allows you to add an exclusive image that will only appear when your content is shared on Pinterest. Share counts are also impressive since they add social proof when you have adequate shares. You can identify a minimum of share count that needs to meet before the plugin starts presenting numbers. When moving to HTTPS or change domain names, you will perhaps lose the existing share counts. Though Social Warfare will help you recover them as soon as possible. When it comes to customization, you can modify the shared Tweet by adding more information such as Open Graph data. Finally, the social media plugin creates links using Bitly account and set up Event Tracking and Google Analytics UTM for efficient social sharing.


  • Modern and visually appealing design buttons
  • Quick loading with optimal performance
  • Enhanced customization with more than 5,000 style combinations
  • Creative features such as “Click to Tweet” and “Frame Buster”
  • Multiple display options and buttons placement
  • Easy and simple to install and configure
  • Wide-ranging knowledge database and full-time customer support
  • Google Analytics tracking


  • At times, the plugin may stop working. Though it can be fixed in no time by the Social Warfare team
  • Need to buy a subscription to receive updates
  • Limited features on the free version
  • It may conflict with other plugins


This social media plugin has received immense popularity primarily because of multiple features to add. The plugin is capable of performing several features on your site and social media sharing is the most common one. The remarkably minimalist social sharing buttons look professional and can be extensively used to achieve the desired outcomes. As soon as you activate and connect your WordPress account, all you need to do is initiating the social sharing module.


  • Most important features in the single plugin from design and marketing to stats and security
  • Impressive free version. Though the paid options include everyday backups, SEO tools, and premium themes
  • Maintains and updated often


  • The interface may look bloated
  • At times, it may slow down the site
  • It transfers a lot of information about your blogs to


Social media marketing is a must-have with improved web development and progressive business. When it comes to choosing the right social media plugin, the options are simply numerous. If you have read this far, you can certainly make an informed decision. Make sure to look at the quality, design, and features before making a choice. Consult Nytrotech – The leading WordPress Development Company to boost your business in the best way possible!

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